The Music Therapy Charity E-cards

Music has made so much difference to many lives during these difficult months, lifting depressed and anxious spirits and helping people to stay connected. We hope you will find this a novel and fun way to stay in touch with family and friends at different times and for various occasions through the months ahead.

Below you will be able to pick your card's cover picture, select a piece of music and choose who to send it to. Cards will be sent by email to your chosen recipients with the title in the subject line of the email: YOUR NAME has sent you an MTC musical e-card. The cards are charged at the following prices:

  • 1 card - £3.00
  • 5 cards - £12.50
  • 10 cards - £23.00
  • 20 cards - £40.00

Please note that the same card design and music/reading will apply to all cards in the same batch.

Step 1 - Choose your cover picture

Woods and Hedges

Beached Boat

Collage of Flowers

Musical Instruments

Red Stripe

Dune Walk


Large sky and landscape

Select Music/Reading