The Music Therapy Charity E-cards

Like so many others we have sadly had to cancel our annual fund-raising event this year because of Covid-19. As music is so very important in helping us to stay connected at Christmas we have decided to produce musical e-cards to raise much needed funds for the charity. We hope you will find this a novel and fun way to stay in touch with your friends and family at what is likely to be a very quiet Christmas for most of us.

Below you will be able to pick your card's cover picture, select a piece of music and choose who to send it to. Cards will be sent by email to your chosen recipients with the title in the subject line of the email: YOUR NAME has sent you an MTC musical e-card. The cards are charged at the following prices:

  • 1 card - £3.00
  • 5 cards - £12.50
  • 10 cards - £23.00
  • 20 cards - £40.00

Please note that the same card design and music/reading will apply to all cards in the same batch.

Step 1 - Choose your cover picture

Select Music/Reading